1. Death statement issued by a doctor / If your GP does not respond, the Agency has one.
  2. If your relative dies in a hospital, the statement is issued by the treating physician in the appropriate hospital ward.
  3. Identity card or passport of the deceased.

To perform a funeral in an old burial site, the following documents are required:

  1. A receipt for a paid burial site.
  2. A document proving a kinship with the first deceased and now deceased (certificate of heirs, marriage certificate, birth certificate, baptismal certificate, certificate for kinship or certificate or marital status).
  3. If the deceased is not a direct heir, consent of all heirs is required by a declaration provided as sample by a technical service.

After providing the necessary documents and signing a contract with us, the company undertakes to provide you with the following goods and services:

 Issue of a deceased certificate.

  1. Securing a burial site.
  2. Booking funeral date and time.
  3. Ritual organization (priest or ritual employee).
  4. Washing and dressing of the deceased, putting in a coffin, transportation from a hospital to the home, refrigeration chamber.
  5. Coffin, coffin equipment, cross or other token, mourning strips, candles.
  6. Elaboration of grief announcement, press and Internet publications.
  7. Funerary carriage
  8. Wreaths, loaves, small packages with food
  9. Presence of a funeral agent who will advise you all the time.