1. A physician’s death statement / If your GP does not respond, the Agency has one.
    2. Cremation permit.
    3. If your relative dies in a hospital, the statement and authorization for cremation is issued by the treating physician in the appropriate hospital ward.
    4. Identity card or passport of the deceased.
    5. A document proving a kinship between the deceased and the applicant for cremation.

For the laying of an urn in an old burial site or niche, the following documents are required:

  1. A paid burial receipt or urn cassette.
  2. A document proving a kinship with the first deceased and now deceased / heirloom certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate, baptismal certificate, certificate for kinship or certificate or marital status).
  3. If the deceased is not a direct heir, consent of all heirs is required by a declaration provided as sample by a technical service.